Thursday, 26 November 2015

Minor Project: Bo Orthographic

Minor Project: Benny Orthographic

Minor Project: Final character designs

Minor Project: Accessory development

I wanted to give my characters a Rodney and Del-boy Only fools and Horses look so I looked at objects (Litter) I could use to look like items of clothing they would wear. Then I finally came up with the idea of one of the pigeons having the remains of a balloon/condom around their neck to represent a turtle neck which although hard to imagine how the pigeon got into it, brings humour with the simple thought of him doing so.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Minor Project: Wing mechanism

Getting a better understanding of how the wing will work in maya after rigging

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Minor Project: Logo research

 I've been looking at the many different chicken shop logos for inspiration on my theme, opening scene and title for my animation. I've realised that the red, blue and white theme is is prominent in all these logos and even on the inside of alot of the actual shops. I'll definitely keep this in mind when making mine but I have to do something different to make it stand out a bit more.

Minor Project: Script (Rough)

Minor Project: Sound

Although I'm more than likely going to use voice actors for my animation, for the sake of fridays pitch I will be acting both roles myself and editing them on a software I use to make music called FL Studio. I'll be using it to edit my voice in a way that should differentiate the two characters voices.

FL Studio

Minor Project: Litter Experimentations

I've been experimenting with litter to make accessories for my characters. So far I've experimented with a mini ball chain for a necklace, a scrap of a plastic bag for an arm band, a coke bottle cap for an eye patch and a Mcdonalds ketchup pot as a bucket hat.

Minor Project: Facial expression

Benny facial expressions

Bo facial expressions

Minor Project: Character Development

In my last tutorial Alan advised me to use three tones of colour instead of two so I did.