Thursday, 26 March 2015

Adaptation B: Colour Tests

Adaptation B: Colour Tests

Adaptation B: Mr Jacks Orthographic

Whisky character - Mr Daniel. Jacks

Adaptation B: Mr Jacks

Adaptation B: Marcel Orthographic

Adaptation B: Marcel

To make my character designs even more interesting I made my wine character who was originally meant to be a female, an overtly feminine male. One of his characteristics will be a play on the word wine, not wine but whine. He will be a complainer and although he is not a female character anymore he still has the classy trait, attractiveness which will be shown through big blue eyes and double-sided.

Adaptation B: Stella Orthographic

Beer character - Stella

Adaptation B: Stella

Also, with this new style I decided that to make the character more interesting I'd change the beer character to a female. I figured instead of Becks I could use Stella as they both have similar colour schemes. The initial shape is a triangle to represent the bitterness of the taste and therefore her character however I also made sure I rounded some parts of her body as her character isn't all bad.

Adaptation B: Glen Orthographic

Vodka character - Glen

Adaptation B: New style

After reviewing the new style I started thinking of shapes to use to remake my initial character designs. For Glen I chose a square to represent his power and strength but ensured that I rounded his arms and shoulders to depict his friendliness.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Adaptation B: Style influence map

Although I started my initial character designs in a different style I feel that this one is more suited for my concept as not only is it a modern style relatable to the young and student target audience but it also has a simplistic feel which will work well in emphasising the abstract characteristics each character and their drink has.

Adaptation B: Influence map

Wine characters influence map

For the Wine character I want to create an almost extreme case of bi-polar or personality disorder where she is extremely bright and girly but can change to a dark emotionless character.

Adaptation B: Initial character design

Beer character: Becks/ Stella
Beer character design
These are some designs of the Beer character. So far, the characteristics from the beverage I've incorporated are

  • the rough taste, making all the designs seem like rough and streetwise individuals
  • The bitterness, shown by the harsh and sarcastic look on the characters faces
  • Its a casual and Low class drink, shown by their clothes and the types of social groups they seem to belong to
  • and the fact it was first found in egypt, apart from the second character all the others have tanned skin.
Also, all the characters have a similar green colour scheme in relation to the alcoholic beer they represent.
I still feel something is missing from this character to make it interesting but after all the initial designs are done I will revisit it

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Adaptation B: Influence map

Beer character's Influence map

To further help me with designing the next character I've done another additional influence map for just the beer character using the words that were associated with the drink in the brainstorm. This will hopefully give me a better sense of direction I will be taking this character down.

Adaptation B: Initial character designs

Vodka Character's companion: Red
Red Character design
To make my project more creative and less conventional I came up with the idea of Glen (the vodka character) having a companion which has turned out to be imaginary friend Red which is the smart-mouthed ghost of his families old Bull-mastiff . The idea behind this was taken from the fact that vodka is usually accompanied by or mixed with Red bull so I will be using Red as a direct representation of the drink . As it is an energy drink the character will be very lively and troublesome and in the first two designs I've incorporated the wings and halo as reference to the Red bull slogan "red bull gives you wings". In the third I've added bull horns as a play on words with the name "Red - Bull".

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Adaptation B: Initial character design

Vodka character: Glen's/Smirnoff
Vodka character design
These are the first few designs of the Vodka character that for now I'll be calling Glen. I had a number of characteristics of the drink whilst designing the character, for instance;

 His extravagantly muscular physique is a result of the drink being a typically 'strong' alcohol

His extroverted and carefree persona demonstrated by his dancing pose is an adaptation of the drinks popularity and use in social environments

And his ethnicity and middle costume is a direct adaptation of the beverages Russian/Polish origin

After words with Alan on looking for a less obvious characteristic of the drink to adapt to my character I came up with the idea of the last outfit from the left which is the character but in warm and thermal clothing. The idea behind this is to create a character who has an increased sensitivity to cold as vodka is an alcoholic drink usually served with ice. This could be depicted further through condensation from his mouth when he talks.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Adaptation B: Influence map

This is my first influence map to better my understanding on the different techniques of the personification into human characters.