Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Influence: Prince of Persia

I've used Prince of Persia as an influence for my secret lair because I feel that the theme that runs throughout it matches well with what I envision my final render to look like. The use of dirt and sand in a very subtle way works well and I intend to use this technique for my own work.

Monday, 4 November 2013

CG Art Toolkit: Bouncing balls

In the last lesson we had with Meg we were asked to animate bouncing balls whilst taking in to consideration their physics, meaning that the difference in the weight of the two balls would mean they bounce differently. Both animations together took over 40 frames to come up with these finished videos.

Rubber ball

Bowling ball

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Quick Character Painting

This is a quick digital painting of what I imagined my Saharan Emperor to look like. Judging by the clothes he's wearing the type of space I will be creating will be a very ancient and almost Egyptian-like styled environment. Next to my Character is his mirror xzaina. I intend to do further research on how to better the design of xzaina and use it as a primary 'hero prop' 

Mansoor and his mirror, xzaina

Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Story behind the Saharan Emperor

Mansoor Ziyad was the descendant of a Lebanese warlord who with his tribe seeked asylum in the Sahara desert from more powerful rivals in a war thousands of years ago. After many years, his tribe of less than 400 people grew into an empire in which Mansoor became the emperor of.
However, unlike his forefathers, Mansoor lacked the ‘warrior heart’ trait that ran in Ziyad blood and instead was notorious for being immensely vain and self indulged, seen mostly followed earnestly by his levitating mirror xzaina which was given to him by the family witch doctor as a child. Although still a great leader, the elders of the empire were against this over-emphasized fascination with himself and his many mirrors in his palace because they felt in the long run it would affect the way he treats his people, So they all voted to have all his mirrors confiscated including xzaina. Dakura the witch doctor foresaw these events and warned Mansoor what would happen to his possessions so he moved them to a secret room in his palace.

Only Mansoor and Dakura have access to this room which is filled with his most treasured possessions and some of Dakuras most sacred ornaments and figures of worship.