Saturday, 23 November 2013

Secret Lair OGR (2)

Secret Lairs Ogr 2


  1. OGR 24/11/2013

    Evening Ashley,

    Better late than never - and before I give you the positive news I'm just going to take this moment to reiterate my expectation of you submitting a complete body-of-work as requested by the brief - including the film reviews. Yes, it maybe that the idea of writing reviews on difficult or odd films, and having to research them first etc. is not your first choice in terms of excitement, but if you want to get better at writing/reading/thinking/looking, and you want to be a degree-level student - as well as a talented creative - then I suggest you get a move on. Not only do you have 2 written assignments to complete this term for Contextual Studies, you have 2 more to write in Year 2 - and those marks go forward to your degree award, and then in year 3 - you have an 8,000 word dissertation to complete. Trust me when I tell you that those little, weekly film reviews are as important to your academic success on this course as any number of completed digital paintings or Maya tutorials. I want to see your reviews on here asap!

    And now onto the positive news; it's very clear from this final digital painting that you've been working hard and learning fast - and it shows, so well done and keep it up. It's good to see what you're capable of when you actually put the hours in; your next challenge, Ashley, is to keep pace with your classmates and perfect your project management skills - because talent ain't enough as things get more hectic. Yes - I look forward to seeing you translate this space into CGI - green light! - but I have one nitpick; where's the hero prop going to actually be in this environment? It should be afforded special status - but where? Give it some thought.

    Oh - and while I'm here - don't miss out on your chance to win a brand new iPad by entering the CGAA Tombola Of Dreams Prize Draw...

  2. Thanks Phil, I understand everything your saying and you will see an immense improvement

    also, the hero prop will go in the centre of the lair on the little pedestal centre piece thing. I'll show it in my next development sketch

  3. Hi - about Friday's animation sessions...