Saturday, 24 September 2016

Project proposal

Project Proposal

I've chosen to do a year long project similar to the one I did last year with the minor being a character design project and the major being the creation of the animation. I've learned from my mistakes last year and have figured that my downfall was underestimating how long the rigging process would take therefore this time around I am going to aim to have the characters completely rigged in the minor, leaving me solely with animating and environment in the major.

My idea for this year  will be related to my last year project, and alike that project, this one will embrace my strengths and weaknesses on the course. I want to make a prequel animation to my last years 'Chicken coop' about the two pigeons discussing about the rumors surrounding a fast food chain. However this animation will be called 'Chickens!' and will have two chickens on a farm having similarly dimwitted conversations which in the dialogue will spark the rumors the pigeons were discussing in its sequel.
Although the concept of this idea is very similar to my last project, the characters, environment and dialogue give me the window to be creative with the direction. I've already decided that I want the farm to be based somewhere up north so the characters, instead of having the cockney accent of my last characters, they will have a strong Yorkshire accent which I feel will add to the humour of the dialogue.
With this project I feel the essence is in the dialogue which is one of my strong points. Once I have the script done and dusted I will find it easier to design the characters as what they say will give me a greater sense of what they look like.

The irony!