Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Life Drawing (4)

Life Drawing

3 minute biro sketches
25 minute pencil study

30 minute pencil study

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Soundscape: Colour Palette

Colour Testing

Mostly warm colours create my animatic theme

Soundscape: Concept art

Concept for Animatic

I want my animatic to be very derelict and deserted so that most of the sounds made are coming directly from the main focuses, Francis Bacons figures.The background noises would majorly be strong winds and desert birds.

From Script to Screen: Original Storyboard sketches

Original Storyboard sketches

From Script to Screen: Final Storyboards

The Sculptor

Final Storyboards

From Script to Screen: Character/Prop Designs

Character Designs

David and the Sculptor

Prop Design

The egg before and after it hatched

From Script to Screen: Outline of story

Outline of story

  • Silhouette of two adults arguing in window
  • Main Character David leaves house
  • Looks back at parents arguing and continues to walk away
  • While walking long distances David stops briefly for a sandwich he packed in his bag 
  • After walking for a long while he comes across the 'Sunset Fairground'
  • He goes in and meets the Sculptor sculpting the dragon sculpture for a new ride called 'Dragons Nest'
  • They get to know one another whilst the Sculptor finishes up whats left of his sculpting which is the prop dragons egg
  • The sun goes down and the clock strikes 12
  • As the Sculptor is entertaining David over a fire the sculpted egg begins to move
  • The egg hatches and a baby dragon appears out of it
  • As the two gaze down at the egg the larger dragon made before the egg also began moving and was gradually rising up behind them
  • When they turn around to see the dragon, the menacing look it had on before becomes a comical wide mouthed smile
  • They turn back around to the egg to find that the baby  dragon has escaped
  • They chase after it
  • Meanwhile, sculpted mummies from the 'Mummy Mines' ride step down from their platforms and the sculpted ponies from the merry go round leap off
  • David and the Sculptor still chase the baby dragon as the sky begins to get lighter
  • The sun begins to rise as David chases it into a dark entrance of a ride he hadnt noticed
  • He looks up to see that the ride is called 'The Sculptor' and there seemed to be a missing sculpture from it
  • David turns around to see the Sculptor who had been walking and talking with him before, stiff like a sculpture he had made

Friday, 14 February 2014

Life Drawing (3)

Life Drawing

2 minute,1 minute and 30 second drawings

2 minute drawings
10 minute rotation drawings

Life Drawing (2)

Life Drawing

Negative light drawing

25 minute negative light drawing

25 minute negative light drawing

From Script to Screen: Story behind Sculptor [Revisited 3]

Story #1

A murderer called the sculptor sculpts eggs and hides his victims in them and puts them in a very unexpected place. Meanwhile, Detective Whalts who was assigned to the case of two missing teens in a fairground is unaware of what he is chasing and will uncover. He ultimately discovers that what had appeared to be a mere disappearance of these teens is the plan of a murderous and psychotic genius who had been killing people, sculpting eggs to hide their bodies in and leaving the eggs in the indoor 'alien invasion' ride where they seemed completely normal to blend in and even complemented the theme of the environment.

Story #2

Sculptor has job at fairground to sculpt dragon model for a dragon roller-coaster being brought to the grounds. After making the main dragon he finds what appears to be a dragon egg behind the sculpture which he finds peculiar.  While inspecting the egg he feels heavy breathing on the back of his neck. Its the dragon he created come to life. looking around the park he realizes all the sculptures in the grounds had come to life including the mummy from the haunted house ride. Turns out that after 12am the models in the fairground come to life till the sun comes up. The mummy ended up taking the dragons egg to restore his life using the new life of the egg sealing himself in his coffin only opened with a key.  Under the demand of the dragon (who was sculpted chained to its post) he has to sculpt a key and get it before the sun comes up and the mummy is left with the egg in its coffin to restore his life at the expense of the egg.