Friday, 14 February 2014

From Script to Screen: Story behind Sculptor [Revisited 3]

Story #1

A murderer called the sculptor sculpts eggs and hides his victims in them and puts them in a very unexpected place. Meanwhile, Detective Whalts who was assigned to the case of two missing teens in a fairground is unaware of what he is chasing and will uncover. He ultimately discovers that what had appeared to be a mere disappearance of these teens is the plan of a murderous and psychotic genius who had been killing people, sculpting eggs to hide their bodies in and leaving the eggs in the indoor 'alien invasion' ride where they seemed completely normal to blend in and even complemented the theme of the environment.

Story #2

Sculptor has job at fairground to sculpt dragon model for a dragon roller-coaster being brought to the grounds. After making the main dragon he finds what appears to be a dragon egg behind the sculpture which he finds peculiar.  While inspecting the egg he feels heavy breathing on the back of his neck. Its the dragon he created come to life. looking around the park he realizes all the sculptures in the grounds had come to life including the mummy from the haunted house ride. Turns out that after 12am the models in the fairground come to life till the sun comes up. The mummy ended up taking the dragons egg to restore his life using the new life of the egg sealing himself in his coffin only opened with a key.  Under the demand of the dragon (who was sculpted chained to its post) he has to sculpt a key and get it before the sun comes up and the mummy is left with the egg in its coffin to restore his life at the expense of the egg.

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  1. Hey Ashley :)

    For me it's idea 3 - but I don't think you need the 'Mummy' subplot, as the idea of the dragon is big enough for a one minute short - trust me on this. I'm going to suggest that you need an additional character, as this feels like classic children's book territory to me. How about you have a child character getting lost in a fairground, who meets the sculptor working in his workshop (he carves the horses, the dragons, etc. for the rides). The sculptor is work on an egg for the dragon ride; it hatches, and some small sort of adventure occurs. I think you need a child character in there whose situation kicks of the story; like I said, it's got a classic children's story vibe, which I think you should exploit: some references:

    So - the sculptor character is like the 'shopkeeper' in Mr Benn, in so much as he's magical and a bit mysterious, and the child character is introduced to the idea of a 'living theme park', wherein all the sculpted animals are 'alive'. I'd suggest you still need to think about how your story concludes etc. but yes, this idea is much, MUCH more creative and integrative in terms of the true challenge of the project brief.