Tuesday, 25 February 2014

From Script to Screen: Outline of story

Outline of story

  • Silhouette of two adults arguing in window
  • Main Character David leaves house
  • Looks back at parents arguing and continues to walk away
  • While walking long distances David stops briefly for a sandwich he packed in his bag 
  • After walking for a long while he comes across the 'Sunset Fairground'
  • He goes in and meets the Sculptor sculpting the dragon sculpture for a new ride called 'Dragons Nest'
  • They get to know one another whilst the Sculptor finishes up whats left of his sculpting which is the prop dragons egg
  • The sun goes down and the clock strikes 12
  • As the Sculptor is entertaining David over a fire the sculpted egg begins to move
  • The egg hatches and a baby dragon appears out of it
  • As the two gaze down at the egg the larger dragon made before the egg also began moving and was gradually rising up behind them
  • When they turn around to see the dragon, the menacing look it had on before becomes a comical wide mouthed smile
  • They turn back around to the egg to find that the baby  dragon has escaped
  • They chase after it
  • Meanwhile, sculpted mummies from the 'Mummy Mines' ride step down from their platforms and the sculpted ponies from the merry go round leap off
  • David and the Sculptor still chase the baby dragon as the sky begins to get lighter
  • The sun begins to rise as David chases it into a dark entrance of a ride he hadnt noticed
  • He looks up to see that the ride is called 'The Sculptor' and there seemed to be a missing sculpture from it
  • David turns around to see the Sculptor who had been walking and talking with him before, stiff like a sculpture he had made

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