Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Minor Project: Initial Influence

With my initial idea I came up with I've been looking at a similar style I did with my second year project stemming around vinyl toys. I also want it to be very British aswell which will be shown by the characters clothes and the subtle features of the environment.

Minor Project: Further research

Ive looked at more ways in portraying this idea in term of where the characters will converse and how. I think I want the characters to be sitting on a wall on an estate 'chilling' until it leads them into these discussions and the camera will focus on them from a straight and upfront angle.

Some examples:
A short film - Tight Jeans

An episode from series - Mandem On The Wall

To do this successfully I need to really improve on my modelling/texuring skills because how the characters look will play a significant roll in how the project turns out. Starting from today I will revisit a lot of the old Maya tutorials and practice my modelling and texturing to prepare me for turning my character designs 3d

3rd Year Project: Change in Idea

After the briefing today I was hit with the idea of making my minor project on a short animation or a series of short animations that revolve around the humourous  conversations of two characters from an urban environment about common affairs. The characters and their whimsically deviating discussions will be the central point of the animation which means their design will be all the more important to the success of the animation. Two perfect examples of the type of conversations they will have are Ed' and Rummy's in The Boondocks or Vincent and Jules in Pulp Fiction:

The Boondocks - Ed and Rummy

Pulp fiction - Vince and Jules