Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Storyboard


Fantastic Voyage: Animatic


Fantastic Voyage: Audience Research

Change in Audience

Ive decided to change my target audience from children of 6-12 to teenagers and young adults from the ages of 17-23. I solely made this change simply because of the fact that the Pokemon franchise was most relevant in its earliest years and therefor would have been a pleasant childhood memory for todays generation of elder teens and young adults. The fact that they can relate to the game and most likely see it as something they can reminisce over with their peers, the adaptation of the game using the moss cycle will be an effective way to get information across to this audience.

Game Success: Evidence the earlier versions of the franchise were most popular

Older Audience

Because Ive made this change to the target audience I no longer have to change the colour schemes to befit the need for uber-attractive visuals that a young audience has. The interest of an older audience would lie in the similarities between the animation and the original Pokemon game they know and love therefor my colour schemes will authentic of the games along with most of the settings, apart from a few subtle changes.