Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Secret Lairs OGR



  1. nice work man you done many thumbnails yet

  2. OGR 07/11/2013

    Hey Ashley,

    I very much like the idea of this vain, preening emperor - and I like the inclusion of the magic mirror, because it introduces an element of fantasy to your world. It seems to me that the obvious thing that this character's lair would contain would be mirrors, and I can see how this could make for a pretty cinematic spectacle - an inner sanctum filled with mirrors of different kinds; I can imagine, in terms of lighting this space, the effect could be very striking indeed. Your Emperor's secret lair may indeed be filled with treasures, but his most prized possession is his own beauty and self-regard, so it seems to be reflective surfaces would be treasured above all else. In this way, your set could be quite 'over the top' and larger than life: something like this?

    (but obviously, all according to period detail and historical reference!)

    In regard to your hero prop - the magic mirror - it would have to be staged/lit/designed in such a way as to make its special status within this environment very clear.

    I'd suggest you've got the opportunity here to create a very striking interior space - time to get thumbnailing with some determination, attack and sustained development. Onwards!


  4. Looking good - just 2 things

    1) Don't forget to put the date on the front page (check Phil's link; it's the first sentence)

    2) If you put images on a slant, it can make them go grainy - just something to consider when you're placing images you want to be clear.