Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Adaptation B: Initial character design

Vodka character: Glen's/Smirnoff
Vodka character design
These are the first few designs of the Vodka character that for now I'll be calling Glen. I had a number of characteristics of the drink whilst designing the character, for instance;

 His extravagantly muscular physique is a result of the drink being a typically 'strong' alcohol

His extroverted and carefree persona demonstrated by his dancing pose is an adaptation of the drinks popularity and use in social environments

And his ethnicity and middle costume is a direct adaptation of the beverages Russian/Polish origin

After words with Alan on looking for a less obvious characteristic of the drink to adapt to my character I came up with the idea of the last outfit from the left which is the character but in warm and thermal clothing. The idea behind this is to create a character who has an increased sensitivity to cold as vodka is an alcoholic drink usually served with ice. This could be depicted further through condensation from his mouth when he talks.

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