Saturday, 7 February 2015

Adaptation A: Making of


  1. Ashley, I’m going to talk feedback the negative aspects of your submission first. Simply put I’m (the public) unable to watch your film larger than a postage stamp? Firstly due to the size you’ve posted it on your blog (why so small?) and secondly because the Youtube link doesn’t work (it’s unlisted?). I understand that you had file size problems but this doesn’t stop you making sure your work is accessible to the public. It’s also such a shame given all of the hard work you put into your infographic. I’d suggest fixing this as soon as possible.

    Ok, I’ve spoken about the disappointment of your submission first because there is a lot of good work here Ashley. I like your character designs, they are fun and appealing and you’ve animated them well throughout. You’ve also added to the sense of movement/ atmosphere with a good use of sound too. This is exactly what was required given that there are documentaries out there which already cover your subject. It’s a shame though that Marlon Brando didn’t make it into the final - I’m guessing due to time/ length? Overall a successful project in many respects - well done.

    However to further improve your work I would suggest…

    1) Your film relies too heavily on text to explain what is happening. The role of an infographic is to reduce the need for text on screen and instead graphic design to convey information. At the moment your characters ‘accent’ the text rather than being integrated into the message/ info. Take a look at Danny’s film below…

    2) Tone: In a couple of places you move your film into a less sympatric place than needed - Such as the horse kick which led to Christopher Reeve being paralyzed for life. I think you could have handled that a little better. I’d also avoid language which has more a ‘slang’ feel such as “Ironic much”…that should just be “Ironic?”.

  2. Note: Alignment of text is also an issue in some places.

  3. less sympatric place than needed = less sympathetic place than needed