Monday, 30 January 2017

** Problem **

I have a problem. All of a sudden when I open up my second character on Maya the geometry is all messed up beyond repair. The half on the right hand side isn't too bad but the left side is missing the majority of its faces even though the last time I was able to open it properly I deleted all the left faces completely. What can I do to get it back to normal?


  1. Ashley - This was caused by not deleting the history before you saved the file. Unless you have an older version there is no way to fix this file. However, you could try importing your file into a new scene. If that doesn't work, delete the worst half of the model, repair it, and then re-mirror.

    NOTE: I'd suggest titling your post 'Help' or '@Alan' instead of just 'problem' if you want a quicker response.

  2. Thanks Alan I've just had to repair it like you said, and I'll do that next time.