Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Narrative: First Ideas

First Idea

The first idea I've come up with is of a fish sitting in his house in an armchair when he looks at a photo frame on a wall beside him. 

  • He gets up to straighten it. 
  • when he sits down the frame slides even more out of place. 
  • He gets up a second time to fix it. 
  • Yet again when he sits down it goes even more out of place. 
  • He gets up a third time, straightens the frame, then sits down again. 
  • He sighs out of relief and the whole wall collapses to reveal the undersea environment.

Second Idea

This idea has a similar concept to the first but instead involves a crab (with human features) that is admiring his car that he had just finished polishing.
  • He gives the car a final scrub with a cloth he is holding 
  • When he stands back to admire it again the bumper falls off
  • He scrambles to fix it back on but when he does, the tail light drops off
  • He runs to the rear of the car to force it back on but then the front wheel comes loose and rolls down a hill
  • As he is about to run after it the car falls apart altogether

         Although these are quick ideas I haven't yet pitched to my group members, I have started looking at influences and would like to use Bikini Bottom from Spongebob as a reference in terms of its underwater yet human-like environment and characters.

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  1. Good to see you getting some ideas out...make sure that you keep in contact with your group! :)