Friday, 26 September 2014

The Hero's Journey: Shrek

       Although this film isn't as straight forward as other Hero Journey films, I still felt that it had very strong elements of one.

1. Ordinary world - In Shrek the ordinary world is his main comfort zone and place of sanctuary, his swamp.

2. Call to Adventure - Shrek's call to adventure is his need to go and ask Lord Farquaad for his land back after his comfort is promptly disturbed by fairytail creatures Farquaad exiled there.

Alternatively it could be the task Farquaad gave Shrek when he got to Duloc (Free princess Fiona from the castle)

3. Refusal to the call - His refusal was not directly to the cause but was to undergoing this adventure with Donkey who eventually persuades him to let him tag along.

Or it could be when Shrek literally turned down Lord Farquaads task until he offered him his swamp back

4. Meeting the Mentor -  When Shrek met donkey, who claimed to know where Duloc and therefore where Farquaad was. Donkey also claimed to know how to get to the castle where the princess was.

5. Crossing the Threshold - When Shrek and Donkey left the swamp and started their adventure to Duloc

Or when they left Duloc to go and free the princess from the castle.

6. Tests, Allies and Enemies - Shrek meeting Donkey, Shrek and Donkey defeating wrestlers at Duloc, Dragon, Lord Farquaad

7. Approach - Saving Princess Fiona from the castle

8. The Ordeal, Death & Rebirth - After freeing Fiona Shrek falls in love and attains a new perspective on life and how he views the world.

9. The Reward, Seizing the sword - Handing Fiona over to Farquaad and receiving his swamp back.

10. The Road back - Shrek leaves friendship with Donkey and returns back to his swamp which is now vacant again

11. Ressurection - Donkey returns to Shrek's swamp and persuades him to go back to Duloc for Fiona with the help of Dragon who was freed from her confinement and followed Donkey.

12. Return with Elixir - Shrek and Donkey return to the swamp with Fiona and they celebrate their love and get married.

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  1. Hi Ashley

    Nice review and yes you are right in your assessment. Shrek is a good example because it was written strongly based upon Chris Vogler. However, it would have been better to pick a less well known example to review. Next time test yourself.