Sunday, 19 October 2014

Character Design: Initial ideas

After getting the cards with the words that would act as my environment, mechanism and character I had a distinct idea of what kind of game I will be focusing on. The words were:

(Squash & Stretch/ Bounciness)


(Treats & Rewards/Obesity)


                 These words immediately reminded me of a type of Iphone app game like angry birds or candy crush with the main objective having something to do with the player pressing, pulling or dragging something across the screen so I knew I wanted my game to share similar qualities to this.

I also realized that two of these words (Candy and Consumption) work pretty much hand in hand together and should be used to my advantage whether it meaning the environment will be made of Candy and the objective is to bounce around some how to consume it, or if the objective is to remove aspects of the environment to gain treats or rewards.

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