Monday, 20 October 2014

Character Design: Concept, Style and Research

               After some thought I have come up with the concept of an app type game called 'Sugar Cave' (or Sugar shrub, I haven't decided). The aim, or mechanism, of the game is to gain points by consuming falling peices of sugar and sweets caused by the erupting cave but at the same time protect the young of the creatures from being crushed by these objects. The twist is that each character is only limited to one movement whether it is a bounce, diagonal stretch, upwards stretch or

expansion and they have to be unlocked to be used as the game progresses between levels.

              To make the game more interesting and commercially pleasing, as the young can be developed by the player between levels, They will also be able to be customized with unlockable items bought with the points gained.

Top: Rough idea of main characters. Bottom: The different variations of young that can be customized 

In terms of the style and appearance of my characters I have looked at other already existing Iphone games such as 'Cut the rope' and 'Angry birds. I will like to take in the simplistic techniques of character design they've used that make them so distinct and apply them to my ideas.

I will also use Cut the rope as inspiration for my mechanism as they ask the player to do similar things in terms of the dragging, pressing and pulling of the character or object across the screen to reach an objective.

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