Monday, 13 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Story behind Sculptor

Roger the Sculptor

Roger Philis was a young orphan boy who lived with his uncle a poor sculptor in a small town in the country. Growing up he would watch intently as his uncle would sculpt large garden figures for wealthy business men in neighboring towns and although highly underpaid by his clients he showed an immense dedication and love for his work which Roger picked up. After his uncle died Roger left his town in search for work and shelter where he came across an abandoned fairground that had been maltreated and defaced.
Roger stayed at this fair and set to work sculpting and restoring it to its original state, in particular he worked on an old merry-go-round which he sculpted a set of new horses for showing the same love and dedication his uncle had.  
One night he realized that there was something menacing about the fair when he was visited by a character from one of the fair rides who took him through a portal to an alternate realm where all the creatures sculpted or painted on the sides of the fairground rides thrived. The character that brought him there, which was an owl from a pendulum ride, gave him a golden egg which he claimed if gotten hold of by one of the demons from the haunted house ride it would unleash the rest of diabolical creatures from the underworld prison they were banished to and in effect destroy the entire fairground completely.

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  1. this is highly imaginative, Ashley - but there's no way it will shrink to fit a 60 second script! Go simpler :)