Tuesday, 14 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Story behind Sculptor [Revisited]

The Sculptor [Revisited]

After realizing my previous story line was a bit too long for a 60 second script I simplified it by getting rid of the characters background story and focusing on what he is actually facing in the main duration of the script:

Sculptor who sculpts prizes for a fairground game he lives behind in the countryside

Not many children play his game

Along comes a spoilt rich woman offering him money to sculpt her a decorative silver egg

He spends day and night making it

After making it he goes to sleep

A magpie sees the egg through the window and takes it to its nest on the top of the grounds Ferris wheel

On discovering a feather in his room he realizes it was the magpie and climbs the Ferris wheel to retrieve the egg

After getting to the magpies nest, the sculptor and the magpie wrestle for the egg and in the struggle it falls off the edge of the Ferris wheel

The rich woman who paid the sculptor happened to be walking to see him and catches egg

As they all rejoice at the wellbeing of the egg, a huge eagle flies by and grabs it straight out of the woman’s hands

They all stand frozen in astonishment  


  1. Imaginative - but your fairground isn't really being used is it? It's just a place in which the stuff happens and the whole 'sculptor making an egg trophy' doesn't feel like anything I recognise in terms of actual behaviour.

    What happens if your sculptor is a sculptor of waxworks - often found in Fairgrounds and carnivals? That sounds like a more logical combination of those two components at least...

  2. The Fairground is used: he lives in it (in a caravan), works in it, sculpts prizes for it, its where the menacing magpie lives

    maybe the spoilt rich woman was a bit bogus though so i'll try and see what I can come up with that sounds more feasible