Monday, 19 January 2015

Adaptation A: Data Plan

George Reeves, 1952 - Superman - Adventures of Superman 
After 104 episodes Reeves left the screens as superman
Because of the height of role he was typecasted and couldnt find work
Went into a deep depression and turned to alcohol
Committed suicide at a party he was hosting.

Christopher Reeves, 1978 - Superman - Superman I-IV
Also typecasted to role of superman and couldnt find much work
Began riding horses although being allergic
In 1995 he fell ooff his horse and broke his neck leaving him paralyzed from the neck down
ironic much?
He eventually died of a heart attack just under a decade later

Margot Kidder, 1978 - Lois Lane - Superman I-IV
After the role she got into a car accident which like reeve paralyzed her
she was unable to work for 2 years
she also went into a depression and had a mental breakdown leaving her in a psychiatric ward

Richard Pryor, 1983 - Gus - Superman III
Comedian who actually had an affair with Margot Kidder
As a result of bad reviews after the film was released he began to lose weight
In 1996 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
needed a power-operated vehicle similar to Reeve
Later died of heart attack

Marlon Brando, 1978 - Jor-el - Superman I
Was offered 4 million plus a percentage of the movies gross to play 8 min role of Superman's father
The effortlessly made fortune caused his weight to spiral out of control and couldnt get many roles
Lived in a large house away from society with daughter and her boyfriend
His son went to prison for killing his daughters boyfriend
daughter later committed suicide in the large derelict house, found hanging in her room
Eventually died months before Reeve.

Lee Quigley, 1978 - Baby Kal-el - Superman I
Playing Brando's onscreen son he was picked out of many British babies to play the role
Years later it was plastered all-over national news papers that he had died at the age of 14 of Solvent abuse.

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