Monday, 26 January 2015

Adaptation A: Infographic Characters

Christopher Reeve - Superman 1978

George Reeves - Superman 1952

Marlon Brando - Jor-El 1978

Richard Pryor - Gus 1983

Margot Kidder - Louis Lane 1978


  1. Nice job Ashley....Although I think we could go through these and add a little unique trait observations to each now that they exist...For example the Christopher Reeves Superman would have smaller tighter pants whilst the George Reeve's would have high waist pants due to the era etc. Marlon Brando would have a stylized glow (from the film plus his god like acting status). Margot Kidder a note pad and pen in her top pocket and oversized winged 70's collars/ top (demonstrating her personal eccentricities). Richard Prior pens in his top pocket (Gus Goreman) and possibly a certain rolled up something (Richard Prior)...the idea being that you bring a bit of the personality of the celebrity or character in the design.

  2. Yeah thats a good idea, Thanks Alan. I 'll start right away