Thursday, 1 October 2015

Minor Project: Change in Idea

After speaking to Alan and thinking more into my initial ideas I've come up with a more solid storyline for my animation. Two pigeons fly in on a branch above a park and have a very casual 'human-like' conversation.

They talk about:

  • The type of people that come to the park
  • The type of food they leave
  • Relations with other female pigeons or 'birds'
  • Funny scenarios where they've poo'd on people
These common topics then lead to deeper and more thought provoking topics like whether the egg came before the chicken and so on. The humor will be that both pigeons are talking in such a colloquial human way but what they are talking about is something no human can discuss in that perspective.

I will start working on the order of the topics and how the dialogue will get from talking about one subject to another


  1. Evening Ashley :)

    I'm loving the make-over of your blog - sets things up nicely for your third year and the pro world beyond. So your animation is going to be big opportunity for lip-synching and character animation - oh, and modelling pigeons clearly. I suppose the great thing about pigeons is that they basically such an everyday part of the environment, they're essentially invisible, and so could be eavesdropping on all of our conversations. I guess this will live and die by its script, so I suggest you get writing - and when you're ready, get it up on here and I'll enjoy the opportunity for a read and some feedback :)

  2. Thanks Phil, and yes that was exactly my point.