Monday, 26 October 2015

Minor Project: Colour Experimentation

I've  been experimenting with the colours of the pigeons beaks to see what best suits the character. I think the one I'm most fond of is the brownish one (lower right) or the yellowish one (top left).

I'm playing with the shade of the pigeons heads to make the colour design less dull and more stylized. The colours I'm experimenting with are inspired by the green and purple iridescent shine on pigeons necks. 

Examples of the glimmer on pigions necks caused by pigmentation in their feathers. I think I prefer the green shade for this character although I will tamper with the hue and saturation to find the right shade of green I'd like to go with.


  1. I agree Ashley the colour versions are much more effective. Don't know if its possible but there might be a way in maya using lights or shaders to create the oil glimmer effect on them maybe?

  2. Thanks Scott, that's a good idea I'll check YouTube tutorials to see if it can be done